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MBA Beasiswa Taiwan 2008

MBA Scholarship
Southern Taiwan University
2 Years-Full

Assistantships Regulations:
1. If paid off-campus internship is arranged, monthly stipend will be
cancelled or deducted.
2. To keep your stipend (tuition and dormitory fees will not be
cancelled) for second year, average of
over (including) 75 on your transcripts/marks sheet has to be maintained
for first academic year.
Your stipend will be cut in half if failure to do so.
Working Assistantship
Type A: Two Years’ Program for Master degree (3 Year’s Assistantship for
Ph.D. degree)
Type A Assistantship will be granted to students enrolling in the
English-taught Master programs.
They will have to work part-time 12 hours a week as an assistant among
different departments on
campus to enjoy the following:
1. Tuition fee is waived.
2. Dormitory fee is waived, living with 3 or 4 either local or
international students at school
3. NT $5,000 monthly stipend is offered.
4. Ph.D. degree programs: 3 years’ tuition and dormitory fees will be
waived plus 3 years’ of
monthly stipend NT. 5,000.
Type B: Assistantship for Two Years’ Program for Master degree
Type B Assistantship will be granted to students enrolling in the
English-taught Master programs.
1. Half tuition fee is waived.
2. Half dormitory fee is waived.
Type C: Assistantship for Four Years’ Program for Bachelor degree
Type C Assistantship will be granted to students enrolling in the
undergraduate Chinese-taught
Bachelor programs.
1. Tuition fee is waived.
2. Students pay their own accommodation and other personal living expenses.
Teaching Assistantship
Type A: Teaching Assistantship for Two Years’ Program for Master degree
Type A Assistantship will be granted to students who are native speaker
of English, French, German,
Japanese, Russian and Spanish enrolling in the English-taught Master
programs. Students will
have to work part-time 12 hours a week as a Teaching Assistant (T.A.) on
campus to enjoy the
1. Tuition fee is waived.
2. Dormitory fee is waived.
3. NT. $16,000~NT. $30,000 (equivalent to US$500~US$900) monthly stipend
is offered

Required Documents and Regulations for Admission
1. Application Form
2. Declaration: sign on page 5 of the application form
3. Photocopied Graduation Diploma/Certificate
4. Academic Transcript/Marks Sheet
5. Health Certificate (see the standard form under Admission of School
English website): HIV test is a
required item. If found HIV positive after enrollment, then your
acceptance will be revoked
6. Two Recommendation Letters in a sealed envelope with chop or
signature outside
7. Financial Statement of personal savings (or balance statement from
the bank)
8. Autobiography: at least one page in Word to introduce yourself
9. SPM or STPM Transcript (for Malaysia Senior High School Only)
10. TOEFL(500, CBT173) / TOEIC(650) / IELTS(5.0) Score Report
11. Other Certificates or Documents
12. A photocopy of the original official diploma/graduation degree and
an official transcripts/mark
sheets which must be certified with a stamp or embossed seal by the
school attended. Then its
stamped/sealed Chinese or English version which has been certified with
a seal-stamp by a Taiwan
representative office or Taiwan foreign embassy/consulate in the
applicant’s country. Students
who have not yet graduated must submit their diplomas when they report
to STUT; otherwise, their
admission will be cancelled.

**More informatio please contact:

**??? Mr. Darby Liao **

**? ?****? ????????????????**

**International Affairs, R & D Office**

**Southern Taiwan University**

**Tel: 886-6-2533131, Ext. 1501**

**MSN: **


Info Beasiswa Indonesia Sekolah Diploma S1 S2 S3 dalam negeri dan luar negeri


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Rekrutmen Beasiswa Ikatan Dinas Program D1 PT PLN (Persero)

Pengumuman Rekrutmen Beasiswa Ikatan Dinas Program D1
18 April 2008
PT PLN (Persero) Distribusi Jawa Tengah & D.I Yogyakarta membuka
kesempatan kepada siswa dan lulusan SMK jurusan Listrik, Akuntansi,
Keuangan serta SMU Jurusan IPA untuk berkarir bersama PT PLN
(Persero), melalui Beasiswa Ikatan Dinas Program D1 yang dididik
menjadi Junior Operator dan Junior Officer.

Proses seleksi menggunakan sistem gugur, hanya pelamar yang memenuhi
persyaratan saja yang berhak mengikuti seleksi tahap berikutnya,
materi seleksi meliputi :
1) Seleksi Administrasi
2) Tes Fisik
3) Tes Akademik
4) Tes Psikologi
5) Tes Wawancara
6) Tes Kesehatan

Peserta Beasiswa yang bisa mendapatkan nilai Indek Prestasi
Komulatif (IPK) lebih besar atau sama dengan 2,75 (dua koma tujuh
lima) pada skala 4, dan memenuhi kompetensi teknis sesuai kebutuhan
jabatan setelah mengikuti On the Job Training (OJT) akan diangkat
menjadi pegawai PT PLN (Persero) Distribusi Jawa Tengah dan D.I

1. Umum :

a) Lamaran/pendaftaran ditujukan kepada Konsultan Rekrutmen, PO BOX
6240 SMG
b) Lamaran diterima paling lambat tanggal 2 Mei 2008, cap pos
c) Hanya yang memenuhi persyaratan administrasi yang akan dipanggil
mengikuti seleksi tahap berikutnya.

2. Persyaratan dan Tata Cara Lamaran/pendaftaran :

Informasi tentang Persyaratan dan tata cara mengajukan
lamaran/pendaftaran dapat dilihat pada website PLN : dapat
didownload di sini, atau di lihat di Kantor PT PLN (Persero) Area
Pelayanan dan Jaringan (APJ) berserta Unit Pelayanan dan Jaringan
(UPJ) terdekat di wilayah Jawa Tengah & D.I Yogyakarta

3. Lain-lain :

a) Pendaftaran/lamaran tidak dipungut biaya
b) Bagi yang lulus seluruh tahap seleksi mendapatkan beasiswa (bebas
biaya) program Diploma Satu (D1) pada Politeknik Negeri Semarang
atau UGM Yogyakarta.
c) Selama mengikuti kuliah diberikan bantuan uang saku kuliah.

Semarang, 19 April 2008

Konsultan Rekrutmen


Info Beasiswa Indonesia Sekolah Diploma S1 S2 S3 dalam negeri dan luar negeri

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Beasiswa S2 Magister Manajemen (MM)

Prasetiya Mulya Business School awards up to four scholarships for full-time Magister Manajemen (MM) students each year.

Subject Areas and Type of Scholars:

Open to highly talented and qualified potential leaders from financially disadvantaged family. Preference is given to any students who possess the necessary aptitude, personal qualities and interest in management.

Details of the Award:

Four scholarships are available each year paying tuition fee, books and living allowance within the maximum tenure of 20 months.

Program Admission:

Application for the scholarship will be open each year. The full-time MM Prasetiya Mulya program runs two intakes each year. The admission process begins three to four months before the program intake. The matriculation program starts in early March or July. Applicants must complete both MM Prasetiya Mulya Application Form and Prasetiya Mulya Future Leaders Scholarship Application Form.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Indonesian citizen who can demonstrate leadership potential and interest in and commitment to community and national development.
2. Hold a Bachelor`s degree in any discipline from any legally accredited Indonesian or overseas institution. For overseas graduates, valid proof of full scholarship is required. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25 (on a 4.00 scale) is required.
3. Applicant must be under 30 years of age when lodging the application.
4. Preferably having a minimum of two-year full time professional work experience after the completion of their undergraduate degree when lodging the application.
5. Pass Prasetiya Mulya screening process.
6. Preferably having: International or Institutional TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 (paper based) or 213 (computer based).
7. Not currently enrolled in graduate or post-graduate program or school, or has already obtained a Master`s degree or equivalent.
8. Not in receipt of other equivalent award or scholarship offering similar or other benefits at the time of the award.
9. Demonstrate they are from financially disadvantaged family and that without the scholarship s/he will not be able to study for our graduate (MM) program.

Enquiries and Contact Information:

Marketing & Admission Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Jl. R.A. Kartini, (Tol TB Simatupang) Cilandak Barat, Jakarta 12430
Phone: (021) 751-1126 ext.1005 (Rini), 1119 (Lina) Fax: (021) 750-0462
Email: futureleaders@

Prasetiya Mulya Business School is a member of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International and The Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS).

Info Beasiswa Indonesia Sekolah Diploma S1 S2 S3 dalam negeri dan luar negeri

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