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The benefits of supporting Peace Scholarships

Info Beasiswa S1 S2 S3 diploma scholarship

The benefits of your support

Your contribution to the Peace Scholarship Program will:

* Enable the Program to provide opportunities to students who would not otherwise be able to undertake an international study experience by providing cash for both living and travel expenses, for example, to match the tuition scholarship available under the scheme
* Encourage participation in Australian life by a diverse student population who contribute to a richer and fuller community and culture
* Enable you to contribute to the development of greater cultural understanding and links between Australia and countries overseas

* Generate goodwill for you or your organisation by supporting local and international communities through global educational experiences
* Associate your organisation with an important and worthwhile philanthropic cause and assist with developing links and international relations with overseas countries
* Help you develop business networking opportunities within the international education community
* Potentially give your company significant business through access to over 400,000 visitors to IDP education events each year in 35 countries, and more than 20,000 students completing applications globally
* Reinforce your commitment to world peace and cultural understanding with your employees, increase pride and loyalty among your staff
* Provide case studies and items of interest for your external and internal publications and for general promotional and marketing purposes.

How can I support?


How to Apply

Sponsor or donate

– Recipients Indonesia 2007 and 2008

Schedule 2008/2009

Contact us

The Board of Directors

The Foundation Donors and other Supporters

The Launch of the Peace Scholarship Program

Participating Universities

Download: Information Booklet (pdf)

Recipients, Events and Activites

Monthly Newsletter


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