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Peace Scholarship Recipients

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Peace Scholarship Recipients

Since the first students arrived in July 2004, the Peace Scholarship Program has awarded scholarships to study abroad for one or two semester or to undertake postgraduate degrees in Australia to 238 students from 12 countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Fiji, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
2007/08 Peace Scholarship Recipients:

* Cambodia
* Chile – Semester 1, 2008
* Chile – Semester 2, 2007
* Indonesia – Semester 1, 2008
* Indonesia – Semester 2, 2007
* India – Undergraduate
* Mexico – Undergraduate
* Mexico – Postgraduate
* Papua New Guinea
* Sri Lanka
* Vietnam

IELTS Australia Peace Scholarship Student of the Year Award

2004/05 Winners

2005/06 Winners

2006/07 Winner

July 2004 Recipients

July 2004 Recipients

February 2005 Recipients

February 2005 Recipients

July 2005 Recipients

July 2005 Recipients
February 2006 Recipients

July 2006 Recipients

February 2007 Recipients

July 2007 Recipients


How to Apply

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Schedule 2008/2009

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The Board of Directors

The Foundation Donors and other Supporters

The Launch of the Peace Scholarship Program

Participating Universities

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Recipients, Events and Activites

Monthly Newsletter

The Peace Scholarship Program is an initiative of IDP Education Australia Limited (ACN: 008 597 831). A wholly owned subsidiary company of IDP Education Australia Limited, Education Australia (International Enterprises) Pty Ltd (ACN:089 228 053) is the trustee of both Trusts facilitating the Peace Scholarship Program – the Peace Scholarship Trust and the Peace Scholarship Program Trust. The composition of the Board of Directors of the Trustee Company complies with relevant government legislation and regulations. The Peace Scholarship Trust has the necessary Fundraiser and/or charitable collection registration where required under Australian state or territory legislation. The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed ‘The Trustee for the Peace Scholarship Trust’ (ABN: 85 931 859 523) as a Deductible Gift Recipient.


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