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Indonesia – Semester 1, 2008 Peace Scholarship Recipients

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Indonesia – Semester 1, 2008 Peach Scholarships Recipients

Dania Rari Pratiwi

Host University: Murdoch University

Co-sponsor: IDP Education Australia

Dania loves to do community activities, both locally and internationally. Since she was little she wanted to work for the United Nations. At the moment she is involved with volunteering organisations like UNICEF and “Children of Abraham”. On 2006, she represented this last organisation at “The Second World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for peace”. Also in Indonesia, her country, she participates in collecting books for children and retyping some that are later printed in Braille. She believes studying in Australia will help her to understand the meaning of cross-cultural friendship and understanding.

Fitria Pratiwi

Host University: Queensland University of Technology

Co-sponsor: AusAID

Fitria studies medicine and her major concerns are focused in three areas: environment, medicine and social aspects. She is a blood donor, she forms part of a rescue team at the medical faculty of Trisakti, her current university, and promotes preventive medicine. She is an active member of Green Peace and the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy and she the meaning of cross-cultural friendship and understanding. Studying in Australia will sharpen her analysis on many social issues that exist in her country like health, poverty and education.

M Solihin Fikri Dani

Host University: University of Canberra

Co-sponsor: IDP Education Australia

Fikri is an active student in the Department of Communication Studies at the Faculty of Social and Political Science in Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. As a final year student, he is still involved in various youth activities such as scouts at Gadjah Mada University, Peace Generation Community, Balairung Student Press, Corps of Communication Students, and also member of Young Moslem Intellectual Group, focusing on preparing a better future for the next generations. As the person in charge of the Peace Generation, he has been involved in holding peace activities such as the Annual International Peace Camp for Students and the Children Trauma Healing especially for earthquakes victims in Yogyakarta, 2006. Besides that, as Chairman of Scout of Gadjah Mada University, he has held social activities in a little village, Ngroto, Kulon Progo, Indonesia; as free medical service for poor people, outbound for children, training for handicraft holder, etc. He believes studying in Australia will allow him to have a better understanding of his country and social condition.

Ratu Ayu Asih Kusuma Putri

Host University: University of Notre Dame

Co-sponsor: AusAID

Ratu Ayu is a student of International Relations and she is mainly focus on human, societal and environmental security problems. She contributes to the solution of them by fund raising activities to support UNICEF or other charity programs and campaigning for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Ratu Ayu became a freelance transcriber for ProPatria Institute which constantly makes security policies and recommendations for the government in order to achieve a better life for Indonesian people. She hopes that while she studies in Australia she can build a global linkage and mutual understanding among youth from different nations about security issues and it will support her objective working for international NGO’s or United Nations Agencies.

Rinnay Nitrabening Wahyunnisa

Host University: Central Queensland University

Co-sponsor: Queensland Education and Training International

Rinnay Nitrabening Wahyunnisa is a student of International Relations Department at the University of Indonesia. She is taking International Political Economy as focus study and has a deep concern about poverty issues. Rinnay has been involved in helping new students of the International Relations Department who need financial aids to get scholarships or cut in their tuitions. She was chosen as a semi-finalist of 2007 ASEAN Youth Ambassador. Her goal is to be Minister of Economy so she can contribute significantly to overcome poverty problems in her country. Rinnay believes studying in Australia will give her new perspectives in the way of thinking that could make her wiser.

Tirza Reinata

Host University: University of Notre Dame

Co-sponsor: AusAID

Tirza is a third year student of Communication Studies who is always eager to debate and discuss about media, gender and minority rights. Tirza has been active since high school where she joined a lot of debating championships; she also has an extensive experience organizing competitions such as Jakarta League 2004 and Founder’s Trophy British Parliamentary Debate in 2005. She is also involved with Indonesian NGO for critical thinking, ACT (Association for Critical Thinking) and became the Deputy Project Officer for Indonesian Schools Debating Championship, where she plans the most prestigious debating tournaments for students from all over Indonesia. She believes in the power of words, and hopes to make a difference in the world by becoming journalist and promoting tolerance as well as respect to other people, especially women, people with sexual diversities, the poor, and other disadvantaged ones.


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