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How to Support Peace Scholarships

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How you can support

There are a number of ways you can support the Peace Scholarship Program:

Financial Support:

For one or more recipient’s living expenses, return airfares and other expenses for a one or two semester study abroad program to complement the free tuition already secured

General financial contribution to support the activities of the Program:

All donations made within Australia (of greater than $2) to the Peace Scholarship Program are tax deductible

Support of student activities with co-sponsorship naming rights available:

e.g. sponsorship of the welcome function, support for one or more students to attend relevant conferences whilst undertaking period of study

Student support materials:

Contribution towards additional materials for the students with the opportunity for joint branding with your name/your company logo, e.g. t-shirts, diaries

Work opportunities:

International students in Australia may work up to 20 hours per week during study periods and full-time during holidays. Organisations within Australia may pledge support by offering valuable work opportunities or experiences

Additional services:

To either the Peace Scholarship recipients or to the Program itself in line with the services offered by your organisation.

Email or telephone Carlie Blake on +61 (0)418 604 139 to discuss ways you can support the Peace Scholarship Program.

How can I support?


How to Apply

Sponsor or donate

– Recipients Indonesia 2007 and 2008

Schedule 2008/2009

Contact us

The Board of Directors

The Foundation Donors and other Supporters

The Launch of the Peace Scholarship Program

Participating Universities

Download: Information Booklet (pdf)

Recipients, Events and Activites

Monthly Newsletter


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