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About the Peace Scholarship Program

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About the Peace Scholarship Program

The idea for the Peace Scholarship Program originated at the Australian International Education Conference in 2001 in Sydney in response to the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The program was designed to help build global peace and understanding and operates on the principle that providing opportunities to students to study abroad promotes the interaction of diverse cultures through, improves cross-cultural understanding, leading to enduring global peace.

The Peace Scholarship Program is committed to providing opportunities for eligible students in selected countries worldwide to study abroad in Australia at undergraduate or postgraduate level and at a later stage to provide opportunities for Australian students to study abroad.

Less than two per cent of students enrolled in higher education globally have the chance to benefit from studying abroad. The Peace Scholarship Program aims to provide international educational opportunities to deserving students from selected countries who would not otherwise have the option.

282 students from thirteen countries have been awarded Peace Scholarships to date, commencing undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australia each semester since July 2004.

Number of students

Afghanistan 5

Cambodia 14

Chile 30

Colombia 9

Fiji 3

India 26

Indonesia 24

Mexico 156

Papua New Guinea 1

South Africa 3

Sri Lanka 1

Vanuatu 1

Vietnam 9


Australian universities are wonderful supporters of the Peace Scholarship Program through the provision of tuition fee-waivers and a wide variety of organisations also support the Peace Scholarship Program through cash and in-kind donations.

In order to continue to provide scholarships to deserving students from around the world, the Peace Scholarship Program continues to seek support and sponsorship from the education sector, corporations, individuals and the community. All donations of money and property to the Peace Scholarship Trust – one of the Trust’s that facilitates the Program are tax deductible in Australia. Find out how you can support the Program here.

Australia and Australian education institutions have benefited enormously from international students since the mid 1980s and the Peace Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for individuals and organisations to give something back, which will bring long-term global benefits.

Who benefits from the Peace Scholarship Program?

How can I support the Program?

The Peace Scholarship Program is an initiative of IDP Education Australia Limited (ACN: 008 597 831). A wholly owned subsidiary company of IDP Education Australia Limited, Education Australia (International Enterprises) Pty Ltd (ACN:089 228 053) is the trustee of both Trusts facilitating the Peace Scholarship Program – the Peace Scholarship Trust and the Peace Scholarship Program Trust. The composition of the Board of Directors of the Trustee Company complies with relevant government legislation and regulations. The Peace Scholarship Trust has the necessary Fundraiser and/or charitable collection registration where required under Australian state or territory legislation. The Australian Taxation Office has endorsed ‘The Trustee for the Peace Scholarship Trust’ (ABN: 85 931 859 523) as a Deductible Gift Recipient.


How to Apply

Sponsor or donate

– Recipients Indonesia 2007 and 2008

Schedule 2008/2009

Contact us

The Board of Directors

The Foundation Donors and other Supporters

The Launch of the Peace Scholarship Program

Participating Universities

Download: Information Booklet (pdf)

Recipients, Events and Activites

Monthly Newsletter


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