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Beasiswa S3 Polandia: PhD Scholarships in Nanotechnology

Beasiswa S3 Polandia: 8 PhD Scholarships in Nanotechnology, Krakow, Poland

Info Beasiswa S1 S2 S3 diploma scholarship
Krakow Interdisciplinary PhD-Project in Nanoscience and Advanced

Faculty of Physics & Applied Computer Science (AGH)
and Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry of Polish Academy of
Sciences (PAN) (both of Krakow) in cooperation with research
institutes of 10 European countries run a common PhD programme in

The project is financed by European Union Innovative Economy
Programme with Foundation for Polish Science. It has been selected
for support as one of three projects in the first call for the
International PhD Studies Programme (results of the competition in

8 PhD positions are opened in 2008 and 4 in 2009. The project
duration is nearly 5 years, of which 6 to 24 months the students will
spend abroad, mostly in Western European institutes that enter the
consortium. A stipend for a month spent in Krakow is 3000 PLN and
4500 PLN abroad (tax free). This currently corresponds to 930 and
1400 EUR, respectively.
Positions are currently opened in the following topics:
1) Structure and properties of networks of nanoscopic magnetic wires
2) Electronic structure of artificial atoms and molecules: spin-orbit
coupling effects
3) Computer simulations of quantum transport in semiconductor
4) Surfactants, polyelectrolytes and nanoparticles as building blocks
for surface nanostructures
5) Design and computer simulations of the nanodevices to applications
in quantum computing
6) Nanostructures and stability of thin liquid layers
7) Current induced magnetization switching (CIMS) and noise
characterization of MgO based magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs)
8) Dynamics of nanostructural organization and activity of
photosynthetic systems in natural and model membranes.

Recruitment procedure.
Applications should contain the documents requested in the
recruitment procedure.
Do not forget to indicate the topic you apply for.
The application deadline is 22.09.2008.
Applications & questions should be sent to .
For more info about the specific topic – please contact the
Recruitment in 2009.
In September 2009 four more PhD positions will be opened:
9) Hybrid organic-inorganic layered materials – precursors of
semiconducting nanostructures.
10) Surface and interface properties of metal-oxide magnetic
11) Nanostructures and stability of thin liquid layers.
12) Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Mg-Ti-V/Ni and
their hydrides


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