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Beasiswa Portugis: Experimental Linguistics

Beasiswa Portugis: Experimental Linguistics: Post Doc, University of Lisbon/Center of Linguistics, Portugal
University or Organization: University of Lisbon/Center of Linguistics
Job Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Web Address:

Job Rank: Post Doc

Specialty Areas: Phonetics; Phonology; Psycholinguistics; Syntax;
Experimental Linguistics


The Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon is broadly based,
interdisciplinary and internationally oriented. The faculty offers courses
and conducts research in languages and cultures of Western, Central,
Eastern and Southern Europe, history, archaeology, art history,
performative and visual arts, literature, philosophy, communication,
translation and media studies, as well as African and Asian studies.
Graduate courses are strongly interweaved with research centres, and
graduate students amount to one third of the Faculty students. The Centre
of Linguistics (CLUL) is committed to theoretical, theoretically oriented,
descriptive and experimental research leading to novel (gap-filling)
contributions to linguistic analysis, targeting both adult and child
grammars, as well as language processing. Presently, the Centre includes a
Psycholinguists Lab and a Phonetics Lab, and several lines of research
within Experimental Linguistics are being developed. In particular, the
integration of research in theoretical and experimental linguistics is a
central objective for present and future research, which necessarily calls
for the strengthening of the research team in the area of Experimental
Linguistics. This strengthening is crucial to several developing lines of
research and research projects, namely within speech and language
processing and the interface between syntax, phonology and language
processing. Among the research questions being pursued, we highlight the
following: the role of frequency and grammar in online lexical access/word
detection; implicit prosody, syntax and language processing; early language
development (word segmentation, phonology, syntax) approached namely via
perception studies with infants and babies.

CLUL thus offers a postdoc position in Experimental Linguistics. The
researcher will set up and test hypotheses addressing the questions
mentioned above, among others of interest to the research team.
Experimental methods may include word spotting, lexical decision,
eye-tracking, distributional learning, head-turn preference procedure.
Another important aim is the development and advancement of experimental
techniques to be used in current lines of research and new projects. The
researcher will be actively collaborating with current research projects,
and involved in the supervision of Masters and PhD students, as well as in
the collection, analysis, and interpretation of research data. It is also
expected that the researcher will set up a project in the areas of interest
just described, thus contributing to the central objectives of the team.

Applicants should have a strong commitment to internationally-recognized
research and demonstrated capacities as an independent researcher,
especially in the form of journal publications. The successful candidate
should have a background in an experimental linguistic discipline, such as
psycholinguistics, speech perception, language development, or experimental
phonology. Some knowledge of Portuguese is desirable, but not required.

Applications should include (i) a letter of motivation, (ii) a curriculum
vitae, (iii) copies of degree certificates, (iv) copy of an identification
document, and (v) a minimum of two letters of recommendation or two
contacts of qualified specialists who may recommend the candidate. Please
send two publications plus PhD dissertation.

E-mail applications should be sent in PDF, DOC or RTF format, and should
specify the candidate’s name and the job reference number in the message as
well as in the subject field.

Application Deadline: 08-Sep-2008
Mailing Address for Applications:
Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2
Lisboa 1649-003
Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Sonia Frota

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