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Rockefeller Foundation Residency Opportunity – Bellagio

Greetings from the Institute of International Education. Because of past
involvement that either you or your organization has had with IIE, we would
like to notify you of an opportunity at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio
Center in Bellagio, Italy.

For nearly fifty years, the Rockefeller Foundation has hosted scholars,
creative artists, and practitioners at Bellagio for concentrated work on
major projects. Talented professionals use time at Bellagio to advance work
that has impact across disciplines, while interacting daily with an active
and diverse intellectual community. Artists and scholars stay for one month
of work at Bellagio, away from their usual daily demands, and flexible
schedules are available for practitioners working at non-profit or NGO
organizations. .

Residents at the Bellagio Center in 2007-2008 represent a diverse group of
more than 20 countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico,
Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Macedonia,
Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, Canada, the United
States, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Togo.
Applicants from outside the United States and Western Europe are
particularly encouraged to apply, as are individuals working on projects
aligned with the Foundation’s objective to expand opportunities for poor or
vulnerable people. The Bellagio residency provides room/board and
high-speed internet access to all residents free of charge. Please note
that financial assistance can be made available to successful applicants
whose limited means might otherwise prevent them from accepting a residency.

The selection process for Bellagio is very competitive, and will ultimately
favor professionals with significant experience and strong project
proposals. The Bellagio opportunity is not a grant, but rather a time to
interact with a professional community while working toward tangible
personal achievement.

The deadline for applications to the spring 2009 residency period is August
13, 2008. To learn more about Bellagio, and to view the online application,
please visit You are also
welcome to direct any questions you may have to the Institute of
International Education Bellagio Office at or (212)

Warm Regards,

Bellagio Office

Institute of International Education


*We believe in the power and results of investing in and unleashing human
capacity. The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center brings together people
of diverse expertise and cultures in a neutral, inspiring and
thought-provoking environment to promote international understanding that
allows innovation and creativity to flourish.*

For the world is movement, and you cannot be stationary in your attitude
toward something that is moving [Henri Cartier-Bresson]
Info Beasiswa S1 S2 S3 scholarship dalam negeri dan luar negeri Indonesia Sekolah Diploma


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