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Yayasan Beasiswa Jakarta International Moslem Society (Y-JIMS)

Y-JIMS Foundation

Baca profil yayasan Y-JIMS dalam bahasa Indonesia di sini.

Jakarta International Moslem Society (Y-JIMS) is a legal incorporated association established bye three foreign Moslem converts which were residing in Jakarta, 1998 M.

Initially, this step was taken to strengthen the bounds friendship of silahturahiim amongst Moslem expatriates to deepen Islamic teachings with Islamic small-scale discussion whose topics were those about Islam and its way of life in line with Al Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). As the time goes long, then we made an effort to help Moslem communities living under the line of disputation and marginalized through educational development, entrepreneurship, social and da’wah activity at remote villages southern Banten, Indonesia.


Created a good ummah through education and international muslim brotherhood development.


Empowering dhuafa through education.
Guiding Cadre for islamic purposes.
Developing system for execellent islamic education management.
Creating, developing muslim brotherhood through national and international service and co-operation.
Implementing independent organization.


Created execellent elementary school model at remote village.
Created responsible cadre for islamic cause.
Developing organizational income research.
To widen muslim international networking.
To strenghten organizational management system
To give islamic information service.

Real-Form Activity

To bring cooperation forward in many aspects of life especially for human resource development like management and shipment of students university to remote villages for their last course assignment in practical and channeling candidate pf da’wah participant to inaccessible areas which is off the map and off the road, as an attempt to form community with akhlakulkarimah and board knowledge in their field. In addition, to help easier of channeling funds of interprenuership institution or personal for Ummah’s efforts.

Human Resources Development

Jihadi Scholarship
This scholarship is provided to villages of school and students university, who are in difficult financially pursuing their studies, it is granted in kind of stay-place , supportive learning facilities and etc. Beside, they are suggested to do tutoring and mental-direction to our supported Madrasah as in turn/
Training of Education Candidate Participant
Aims at progressing a qualified scientific and human resource development.

Social and Education Performance

Social Activity
Chanelling assistance in kind of financial or material like foodstuffs, wearable-clothes and supplement nourishing foods for infants at remote areas.
Medical Treatment Concern
In kind of free medical treatment to dispute and marginalized communities, detention centres and refuges migration quarantines.
Educational Assistance Form
Establishment of school building cost, shifting of brooks with stationeries and any supportive learning items.
Muallaf and expatriate muslim conseling.

Ummah Entrepenuership Building

By giving them chance fakir and miskin with skills to create works and independent through mutual profit sharing system regulated by BUY (Body of Enterprenuership Foundation) is hoped to be able to uplift best their living standard in future.

Contact Jims Foundation
Perkantoran Ciputan Indah Permai, Blok C-1
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 50 Ciputat 15419
Phone: 62-21-741 8941, Fax: 62-21-741 8942

Copyright © Y- JIMS, Yayasan Jakarta International Muslim Society 2003, All Right Reserved
Perkantoran Ciputat Indah Permai, Blok C-1, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 50 Ciputat 15419
Phone: 62-21-741 8941, Fax: 62-21-741 8942, E-mail


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