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Financial Aid and Scholarship

Students of high academic merit can apply at the end of the Spring Term (May) each year for Scholarships by participating in the Annual Scholarship Contest.
The objective of offering scholarships is to enhance and promote students education and academic achievement in order to serve and positively affect the community and keep it abreast with modern scientific progress.
Effat College Undergraduate Scholarship
Student shall have obtained:
General High School certificate with a percentage of 90% or above
Recommendation letters from school and teachers
High communication skills
Good reader
Should have positive activities in community service
Should entertain a personality of leadership and cooperation
(Good raw material for leadership)
Mature Personality
Nationally/Internationally awareness of any issues
Problem solver
Applicants who are awarded these scholarships must abide by the conditions set forth, which include (but may not be limited to) the following:
The Scholar
Is expected to complete her degree program at Effat College. If she chooses not to fulfill this commitment for any reason, she must reimburse Effat College for all tuition benefits received
Must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (of 4.0) each semester
Must maintain full time student status (minimum enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester and minimum of 28 hours per academic year)
Must endeavor to participate in college life, activities, and events both in and out of college as a representative of Effat College
Effat College Financial Aid
Applicants with a high school GPA 85% & 90% applying for Financial Aid are granted deductions that reach 70% & 80% from tuition fees.
Applicant should present proof of her need for financial assistance through authenticated official document stamped by the employing party in case the employer is in a government circle, otherwise stamped by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry if the guardian is employed by the private sector or have his own small business (these documents should indicate the monthly income.Click here to view tuition costs for students receiving Need-based Financial Awards Click here to to download the Addmissions Application Form Click here to download the family status form. Please submit it to the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid together with all required documents
Merit-based Financial Awards
Effat College is constantly aiming to provide incentives for students who excel academically. To this effect, applicants who achieve a status of high academic merit upon graduation from High School can benefit from the following Financial Awards throughout the duration of their undergraduate study at Effat College:
For applicants who gain an average A grade (90-100%) in High School, 25% of Tuition cost (applicable to fees per credit hour, excluding Technology & Lab fees).
For applicants who gain an average B grade (80 – under 90%) in High School, 15% of Tuition cost (applicable to fees per credit hour, excluding Technology & Lab fees). Click here to view tuition costs for students receiving Merit-based Financial Awards
Students will not be eligible for this award during any semester they are on Academic Warning or Academic Probation.
Post Graduates Scholarships
Terms & Conditions
The applicant should be a holder of Bachelor Degree
Should have obtained an acceptance letter from a university abroad recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education
Should have the TOFEL score of 550
The period since she acquired her degree should not exceed three years, if exceeded this limit, she is required to present an equivalent
Practical experience in her field of specialization
The applicant age should not be more than 40 years
The applicant should be a Saudi national
Guardian permission
The Scholarship Competition Tests
Scholarship Essay Test: this is an essay required to be written either in English or Arabic (based on personal preference) for 60 minutes. The essay measures the student’s general knowledge and awareness of local and global issues. Language competence is a secondary criterion for assessing this paper.
Math Test: this is a 30 minute test that focuses on high school math topics. Students applying for art majors (ELT, ECED, PSY) will sit for a different test from those applying for science majors (CS, IS, ECE, BA, ARCH)
TWE: the ‘Test of Written English” is a 30 minute test that focuses on writing an essay on a given topic accessible to high school level to assess the student’s competence in writing in English. Students are assessed on their presentation and organization of ideas; their language competence and mechanics.
Oral Presentation: the student needs to demonstrate an ability to present a given topic for 3 to 5 minutes. The student will be assessed on utilizing skills of coherent presentation of ideas, and presentation style.
One of the main objectives of the competition is to select the best achievers academically, personally, professionally, and socially, and develop and enhance these traits further in college life.
Academic achievement is a continuous requirement from scholars in order to be able to serve the community positively and keep it abreast with modern scientific progress.
Vice Dean for Student Affairs at Effat College, Dr. Rania Ibrahim, explains that “this year’s ‘Scholarship Competition’ is unique because the participants have ample of opportunities to win grants. It is the first time that the competition is open to all Saudi and non-Saudi citizens.”
Competitors in the Scholarship Competition will be notified of the results in July.Click here to download the Application Form for the scholarship
The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) is offering Undergraduate Scholarships. The MOHE scholarships are offered to the majors of Computer Science & Information System. For more info contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.
For more information, please contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid Scholarship & Financial Aid CoordinatorStudent AffairsTel: +966 2 636 4300 Ext 5300Fax: +966 2 637 7447 +966 2 636 1794Email:
Beasiswa Arab Saudi khusus perempuan
Info Beasiswa S1 S2 S3 scholarship dalam negeri dan luar negeri Indonesia Sekolah Diploma


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