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Netherlands PhD Scholarship Mechanisms of Short Pitch Rail Corrugation – TU Delft

Civil Engineering and Geosciences
The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences provides leading, international research and education in road and water engineering, earth sciences, traffic and transport control, and delta technology. Innovation and sustainability are central themes. The research addresses global social issues and is closely interwoven with education as well as with the work carried out by a broad spectrum of knowledge institutions. The faculty consists of 17 sections distributed among the Departments of Design & Construction, Hydraulic Engineering, Transport & Planning, Water Management and Geotechnology.

The Section of Road and Railway Engineering focuses on the design, construction, management and maintenance of structures for land-based traffic, and the interaction between traffic and structures. The section has extensive laboratory facilities to perform advanced tests. Advanced mathematical tools are applied for in-depth analyses.
Job description
Short pitch rail corrugation is a type of vertical periodic irregularity on top of railway rails with a wavelength of 2-8 cm. It is a result of the dynamic interaction between the wheels and rails and is one of the major types of damage in most rail systems worldwide. It causes large dynamic contact forces, resulting not only in damages to rolling stock, wheel and rail, but also in rapid deterioration of track quality and noise nuisance, leading to high maintenance and renewal costs and reduced track availability. With the continuous increase in rail transport in the foreseeable future, the problem will be even more pronounced, particularly for networks which are approaching or have reached their capacity limit.

By means of numerical analyses, field monitoring and lab tests, this research aims at a fundamental understanding of the initiation and growth mechanisms of short pitch corrugation, basically the wavelength fixing mechanism and the damage mechanism by wear and plastic deformation. This should finally lead to improved track design to avoid corrugations, possible methods for detection of corrugation root causes in existing track, and action criteria for optimal maintenance. For this research, the Road and Railway Engineering Section at TU Delft is looking for a motivated PhD student.

Applicants should have an MSc or the equivalent in Mechanical, Aerospace or Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Physics, with knowledge of Dynamics and Vibration and the Finite Element Method. Candidates should have demonstrable interest and skills in research as well as good communication skills. Proficiency in English, both spoken and written, is a prerequisite.

Conditions of employment
TU Delft offers an attractive benefits package, including a flexible work week, free high-speed Internet access from home, and the option of assembling a customized compensation and benefits package (the ‘IKA’). Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.

Information and application
For more information about this position, please contact
Dr. ir. Z. Li
phone: +31 (0)15-2782325,

To apply, please e-mail a detailed CV along with a letter of application by June 13th, 2008 to W. A. Maertens at:Recruitment-citg[a-t] When applying for this position, make sure to mention vacancy number CITG08-13. TU Delft is an equal opportunity employer.

Further information please visit the official website

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