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Ph.D. scholarship in Public Policy Evaluation Italy

Ph.D. scholarship in Public Policy Evaluation

Deparment of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering,
Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Yearly value of each PhD scholarship: € 13,000 of which approximately €
3,000 are held as retirement contributions.

Yearly net income of each PhD scholarship: approximately € 10,000.

Motivations and objectives of the research in this field: within the
context of increasing globalisation of firms and markets, most public
institutions are now aware of benefits stemming from both innovation and
internationalization of the economic activities. However, studies on the
evaluation of effectiveness and economic effects of public incentives
are still scant. Main difficulties concern: (i) the need of transparency
and examinations at regularly intervals; (ii) the difficulty of
distinguishing direct vs. indirect effects, and (iii) the need of
counterfactual evidence (what would have happened without the
incentive?). The present research project aims at developing both a
theoretical framework and an empirical analysis for the evaluation of
public policies and incentives to innovation and internationalization of
Methods and techniques that will be developed and used to carry out the
research: The research will be both theoretical (development of economic
models on the basis of the literature) and empirical (gathering of
primary and secondary data on direct and indirect effects of public
policies and incentives to innovation and internationalization).
Advanced statistic and econometric techniques will be applied in order
to test research hypotheses.

Educational objectives: acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the
literature on public policies and incentives, and developing the
capacity of elaborating it in a critical manner. Developing advanced
statistical and econometric skills for testing theoretical hypotheses.
In short, becoming able to write scientific papers on the topic to be
published in top international journals.

Job opportunities: the issue of evaluation of public incentives to firms
is of great interest for both economic scholars and policy makers.
People earning a Ph.D. in this field can yearn for both an academic
carrier (public policy evaluation is among the research lines of
important economic and management departments) and a carrier in national
and international public bodies.

Composition of the research group: a Full Professor, an Assistant
Professor, two Dost-Docs, a PhD student, a contracted researcher.

Research director: Lucia Piscitello
e-mail: lucia.piscitello @
Application has to be received by 15. October 2008.

Info Beasiswa S1 S2 S3 scholarship dalam negeri dan luar negeri Indonesia Sekolah Diploma


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