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PhD studentship

Mechanical and thermal activated self healing surfaces made of composite
ceramics for mechanical components


The University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university. It was
founded in 1961 and offers education and research in areas ranging from
public policy studies and applied physics to biomedical technology. The
University has approximately 2700 employees and 8000 MSc and BSc students
and is the Netherlands’ only campus university.

The chair of Surface Technology and Tribology within the department of
Engineering Technology has a job opening for a PhD-student on the project
“Mechanical and thermal activated self healing surfaces made of composite
ceramics for mechanical components”.


The project is part of a national program on self healing materials financed
by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Self healing materials are
recognized as a new class of engineering materials with the capacity to more
or less autonomously repair internal damage.

Oxide ceramics have large potential to be applied in technological
applications for their high temperature stability and erosion / corrosion
resistance. An important limitation for application is a high coefficient of
friction when in contact with a countersurface. Besides that a high
coefficient of friction does result in energy losses, it also increases the
risk of crack growth, originating from the surface. When oxide ceramics,
like Al2O3 and ZrO2 and their composites (ZTA and ADZ), are doped with CuO,
it is very interesting to observe that a very thin CuO layer is present on
the surface after sintering and machining. Previous research has shown that
this thin layer is self – healing when a countersurface is sliding over the
surface. The project is focusing on further experimental investigation and
modelling of this mechanism, a first application of the developed materials
in valve seats of engines as well as optimizing the microstructure for
specific applications.

Currently, a Postdoc is working on the project for about half a year. His
main task is modelling of mass transport responsible for the layer
formation. In the beginning of the PhD project a close cooperation and
transfer of knowledge with the Postdoc will take place.

The PhD research comprises experimental preparation and characterisation of
the samples as well as further modelling of the contact and self healing
behaviour of the surface layer. The focus of the PhD student is on coatings
on machine elements and optimalisation of the coating for a specific

The performance of the self healing composite oxide ceramic will be
quantified in a demonstrator valve / valve seat that has to perform under
heavy tribological conditions. The demonstrator applications are engines on
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and enhanced diesel engines for heavy duty
applications. This demonstrator will be developed by TNO Science and


You have completed a Masters in mechanical engineering, materials science or
equivalent with interest in ceramics and/or tribology. You are proficient in
spoken and written English and you have well developed social skills to
co-operatively work in a research group.

You will be based at the Laboratory for Surface Technology and Tribology of
the University of Twente and be joining an innovative and diverse group
working on Tribology, Surface Technology and Materials. For more information
on the research group visit

More information on this PhD studentship can be obtained from
Dr. M.B. de Rooij: D.J. Schipper:

Please send your application, with Curriculum Vitae, by email to

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