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Etihad Airways
The National Airline of the United Arab Emirates


Please be advised that for your interest and information admin has sent you the job details in this email as follow:

Job Details: Job Details
Cadet Pilot [ CADP ]
Department: Flight Operations
Location: Abu Dhabi
Expiry Date: 31/12/2008

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, then this could be your chance to train for a prestigious career with Etihad Airways.

Our new cadet pilot training programme based in the UAE, will be a full-time, 18-month course. Successful graduates can look forward to a rewarding career with Etiha d Airways.

We are inviting applications for this programme and will commence assessing candidates throughout 2008.


Flying and theoretical knowledge training shall be to the standard required to pass successfully Abu Dhabi General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) approved examinations for obtaining a frozen airline transport pilot license (ATPL). The cadet pilot shall be flight tested to the level of CPL (UAE GCAA approved commercial pilot license (aeroplane)) and IR (UAE GCAA approved instrument rating (aeroplane)) skills test. On passing successfully all relevant examinations and fulfilling all applicable requirements of the GCAA, cadet pilots will be awarded CPL licenses with IR privilege and frozen ATPL.

The cadet pilot’s license will be upgraded to an ATPL only after fulfilling all requirements of the GCAA including but not limited to achieving minimum flight hours applicable at the time of is suance of the ATPL and provided he/she attained the age of 21 and passed the IR skills test. These entitlements are subject to change by the GCAA as necessary.

Minimum Service Period

Cadet pilots are required to serve the company as a pilot or any other position determined by the Company in its sole discretion, for a minimum period of 72 months from the date of successfully completing the training and receiving frozen ATPL.

Medical Examination

Cadet pilots will be required to undertake and pass the company’s standard medical and dental examinations prior to joining. Cadet pilots will also be required to undertake and pass the UAE government standard medical examination and the GCAA medical examination. Details will be given during a briefing prior to joining the programme.

Sponsorship and Guarantees

The company shall sponsor the cadets participation in the progr amme by covering the cost which shall not exceed a maximum amount of AED 500,000 (the “sponsorship cost”).

The company shall be entitled to recover from the cadet on demand the sponsorship cost on a pro rata basis (i.e in proportion to the sponsorship cost incurred by the company to sponsor participation in the programme). If, prior to the successful completion of the programme the cadet:

-fails to comply with any of the employment obligations and training attendance requirements;
-is for any reason expelled or prohibited from continuing the training and/or fails to complete the training within the period specified;
-fails to pass satisfactorily any final GCAA examination given by the training provider as per the GCAA regulation and as a result participation in the programme is discontinued;
-fails to achieve the minimum requirement of the training; make unsatisfactory progress with any aspect of the training or fails to display the necessary aptitude for the training; or discontinues, suspends or terminates training at any time before completion of the programme.

The company shall be entitled to recover the sponsorship cost in full (and subject to any right of set off as stated in the joining contract) if after completion of the programme, the cadet fails to comply with any of the stated obligations in the joining contract.

Participation in the cadet pilot programme is subject to (a) ability to obtain all required security clearances and medical approvals from the GCAA or other relevant authorities as may be required from time to time by the company and (b) furnishing of appropriate guarantee acceptable to the company and such guarantee remain

Etihad is an equal opportunities employer and encourages both male and female applicants to apply. Candidates should be:

. between 18-26 years old
. medically fit to fly
. accredited secondary school diploma or higher with proven pass grades in Physics, Mathematics and English

Salary & Benefits:

A monthly stipend of AED 6,000 will be paid to cadets subject to the cadet pilot’s participation in the cadet pilot programme in accordance with the employment contract.

Accommodation & Transportation

At no cost to the cadet pilot, the company will ensure the provision of accommodation in Al Ain United Arab Emirates and transportation from the place of accommodation to the place where the training is given. The cadet pilot will not be entitled to any housing or transportation allowances in lieu of the accommodation and transportation offered under this provision.

Application Procedure

If you meet the above criteria and want to give wings to your dreams, please click on the “Apply Now” link below.

Please Note: The application is designed for experienced pilots, so there is some information that will not apply to you. Please follow the application instructions as mentioned below.

Complete the following sections:
Contact Information
Personal Details
Language Skills

Provide “0” for numbers or “NA” for text in the following sections: Employment Details and History (Unless you have previous Pilot experience)
Current License Details (Unless you have a current Pilot’s license)
Flying School (Unless you have attended a flying school)

Please attach your current CV in the Documents Upload section. Select “Copy of License” as the category from the pull-down menu but attach your CV instead.

Job Details Sent Date: 2/4/2008

Thank you for taking interest in Etihad Airways the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates.

Regard s
Human Resource Team
Etihad Airways

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