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Beasiswa Scholarships Dalam Negeri Luar Negri

Beasiswa S2 S3 di Australia

Beasiswa ini untuk MSc dan Phd. Untuk tahun 2009, pendaftaran akan
dimulai April 2008. Saya nggak tahu apakah harus sudah diterima atau
belum di program MSc atau Phd di salah satu Uni di OZ. Info lengkapnya
ada di sini ya:

Australian Leadership Awards Scholarships

Applications for the 2008 ALA intake have now closed. The 2009 intake
will open in April 2008.

The Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Scholarships are a component of
the Australian Leadership Awards, a regional program under the
Australian Scholarships initiative. Australian Leadership Awards aim
to develop leadership, build partnerships and linkages within the

They are intended for those who are already leaders or have the
potential to assume leadership roles that can influence social and
economic policy reform and development outcomes, both in their own
countries and in the Asia-Pacific region. The ALA program comprises of
Scholarships and Fellowships.

ALA Scholarships are academically elite awards offered to high
achievers from the Asia-Pacific region each year to undertake
postgraduate study (Masters or Doctorate) and a Leadership Development
Program in Australia.

Selection for ALA Scholarships is highly competitive, based on
leadership qualities and on academic excellence.

ALA Scholarships are an investment in the future of the Asia-Pacific
region. In this regard, ALA scholars are required to return to their
home country or the region for two years after they have completed
their studies.

In future years, ALA scholars will belong to a unique group – the
Australian Scholarships Alumni Network (ASAN) – that will maintain
strong and enduring links to Australia. Managed by AusAID as part of
Australia’s overseas aid program, ALA Scholarships are open only to
citizens of countries in the Asia-Pacific region with which Australia
has a significant aid program.
Objectives of ALA Scholarships

ALA Scholarships aim to:

* develop a cadre of leaders advancing regional reform,
development and governance
* increase exchange of knowledge and information within the region
* build common purpose and understanding between Australia and the
* build capacity to address priority regional issues
* build effective networks between Australia and the region
* demonstrate the benefits of Australian education through the
provision of high quality education.

Fields of study

Awards are open to all fields of study, however, study programs that
relate to the priority themes of international trade, pandemics,
security and climate change (including clean energy) are encouraged.
Scholarships are not available for military training, or training in
areas related to nuclear technology and flying aircraft.
Levels of study

An ALA Scholarship enables candidates to undertake studies leading to
a Masters or Doctorate degree in Australia. It does not include
Graduate Diplomas, with the exception of those Masters courses that
require the completion of a Graduate Diploma as part of the Masters
Who should apply

Outstanding applicants with:

* a very high level of academic achievement at undergraduate
and/or postgraduate level
* a high level of English language proficiency
* demonstrated leadership potential and good prospects to
influence social and economic policy reform and development outcomes
in their home country and in the Asia-Pacific region
* a commitment to participate ASAN on their return home.

Links to specific eligibility requirements are found below.

Applicants seeking to migrate to Australia should NOT apply.
Scholarship benefits

An ALA Scholarship has a total value of up to A$110,000 for Masters
degrees and A$220,000 for Doctoral programs, not including provisions
for the leadership development program.. Benefits include:

* return air travel
* visa support
* establishment allowance
* full tuition fees
* contribution to living expenses
* Introductory Academic program (IAP)
* Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of the
award (for award holder only).

Participating Higher Education Institutions

ALA Scholarships students commencing in 2008 may attend any of the
participating Australian higher education institutions.
Application information

Read the following information before you apply:

* Frequently asked questions
* Timeline for applicants
* Eligibility
* Selection criteria
* Terms and conditions of the scholarship
* How to apply

Further information

If the material found on this website does not provide the necessary
help, please direct enquiries by email to:

See also ALA Scholarships fact sheet [PDF 97KB]
Useful links

* Study in Australia
* Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship
* Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
* Australian Customs
* Australian Tourism Commission

To view files marked PDF you need Acrobat Reader, available as a free
download (see also the ‘About this site’ link below)

Info Beasiswa Indonesia Sekolah Diploma S1 S2 S3 dalam negeri dan luar negeri


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